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2014 Annual Tournament

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Hard to believe it's that time of the year again already, but this Saturday May 10th is the Annual Tournament. This is where we combine all 4 quarters from this past year together into one grand prize tournament. Even if you haven't played in the past 9 or 10 months there is still a chance you have qualified for this tournament so check the list closely, even if you think there is no way you qualified. There are 203 qualifiers for this tournament and nearly half of the qualifiers for this tournament never show up because they didn't think they made it so please check.

Here is a link to all the qualifiers (you will have to copy and paste the following URL into your web browser as linking is turned off on this site):

This is a long extended blind tournament with extra chips based on how you finished each of the four quarters. We will start with 5,000 chips plus your additional quarterly chips. If you finished first all four quarters then you could potentially start with as many as 25,000 chips. If you believe there is a mistake with your points or starting chips please let me (Alan Rush) know As Soon As Possible.

The tournament will be held at Levi and Hanks and cards will be in the air at 1:00 PM SHARP. You MUST register by 12:30 PM in order to play this tournament. With this many people qualified it's important that everyone there is on time so we can start on time.

HONEST CHECK .... The WPT Boot Camp has been our annual sponsor for our grand prize this past year, but they have not been returning my calls as of late so I am not sure the status of Boot Camp giveaway. No matter what, with their cooperation or without, you will get your Grand Prize Trip which is a 4 day, 3 night trip to Las Vegas that includes airfare and hotel at The Riviera Resort and Casino. If for some reason the WPT Boot Camp portion falls through then we will make alternate arrangements to supplement that prize. Unfortunately this is a little out of my control, but rest assured the grand prize winner will be taken care of!

1st Place - $300 CASH plus 4 days/3 nights in Las Vegas including airfare, hotel and either WPT Boot Camp or equivalent.

2nd Place - $150 CASH plus 2 nights at The Horseshoe Southern Indiana plus a $90 live tournament buy-in

3rd Place - $50 CASH

Additional Prizes - As always Budweiser is a phenomenal sponsor for us and will have additional prizes on hand we will be giving away throughout the tournament. Please continue to show your love to Budweiser at all of our events by buying their brands.

The $20 Royal Flush money will be in play during this tournament

Congratulations to the following winners of bonus money from this past quarter which will be awarded during this tournament.

$100 Cash for Most Games played - Ken Self with 152
$100 Cash for Most Games Won - Mr. Mudd with 18
$100 Cash for Most Points - Mrs. Mudd with 55,075
$100 Cash for Winning 5 tournaments in 1 week - Mrs. Mudd
Special Recognition to Ken Self who finished in 1st place overall across 5 different Venue nights, very very impressive!

As most of you know we will no longer be hosting games at Spankys effective immediately.

Cragnackers - Fridays, Saturdays, Mondays - 6:45 and 9:00
Levi and Hanks - Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays - 6:45 and 9:00

Bad Beat Jackpot still in effect up to $250 - Aces full of Tens or better cracked when both players use both cards

$20 Cash for any royal flush during any game when the players uses both cards in their hand

$100 Cash - Player who finishes 1st across the most Venue Nights

The new season and quarter just started this Saturday May 3rd so all points will be reset and everyone is back to 0. This is a great time to get back involved if you have been taking a little hiatus.

This league would not run without the help of our Venues, Tournament Directors, Sponsors and Players so thanks to all of you who continue to support the league.

Special thanks to our tournament directors Kenny Bishop, Schuyler Floyd, Blake Burris, Debbie Sharer, Mr. & Mrs. Mudd and for several others for helping out when one of the directors gets in a bind.

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