Last Call Poker League


The points have all been updated through Saturday 4/26/2014 and the top 3 for each bonus category are as follows:

Most Points for the Quarter
1. Mrs. Mudd 51,225
2. Ken Self 49,100
3. Mr. Mudd 43,975

Most Games Played in a Quarter
1.Ken Self 142
2.Mrs. Mudd 131
3.Mr. Mudd 130

Most Wins in a Quarter
1.Mr. Mudd 17
2.Mrs. Mudd 15
3.Ken Self 14

Honorable mentions with 5 or more wins in the quarter
Blake Burris 8
Kay Martineau 7
Mark Lane 7
Joe Hickman 6
Cayce Davis 5
Kenny Bishop 5
Howard Smith 5
Debbie Bennett 5

There is still time to get in the running for some of the bonus money. The last day for points this quarter is Friday May 2. The winner of each Bonus category will win $100 cash at the annual tournament May 10th.

Don't forget if you qualified for any of the past 3 quarterly tournaments, you are automatically qualified for the annual tournament on May 10.

As always there is ongoing bonus money to be won for having 5 wins in a week (Monday-Saturday), hitting a royal flush wins $20 (you must use both cards in your hand), and every Thursday at Levi and Hanks if there are 50 people in the game the winner wins $50 cash.

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