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Quarterly Bonus Money Update

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The points for the quarterly bonus money have been updated through 4/20/2014, and the top three in each category are:

Most Points in a Quarter
1. Mrs. Mudd 44,575
2. Ken Self 43,425
3. Mr. Mudd 39,700

Most Games Played in a Quarter
1. Ken Self 130
2. Mrs. Mudd 118
3. Mr. Mudd 117

Most Wins in a Quarter
1. Mr. Mudd 15
2. Mrs. Mudd 13
3. Ken Self 12
Honorable mentions with 5 or more wins
Blake Burris 8
Kay Martineau 7
Mark Lane 7
Joe Hickman 6
Cayce Davis 5
Kenny Bishop 5

The winner of each Bonus category wins $100 cash at the quarterly tournament May 10th. There are still plenty of games to play to get in the running for the bonus money!!

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