Last Call Poker League


Last Call Poker League, LLC follows TDA rules by default unless specified in the rules below.

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The following are some LCPL house rules and modifications/clarifications to the TDA.

All players are to start with the following chip denomination which is to total 8,000 starting chips:

16 - $25 Value Green Chips
16 - $100 Value Black Chips
8 - $500 Value Purple Chips
2 - $1000 Value Yellow Chip

Late Arriving Players - No players will be allowed to enter the tournament after the tournament clock has started.

Dealer Determination - Players "high-card" for the button (dealer position) immediately prior to the start of play. In the case of a high card tie suits will be determine the dealer which rank descending from spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs, with clubs being the lowest suit. At the start of the final table players will redraw the "high-card" for the button again.

Dealing - All LCPL games are self dealt. The dealer must shuffle and the cards must be cut by the person directly to the dealers right. The dealer should ensure the cut card is alway used to protect the bottom card from being visible.

The deal will rotate clockwise.

If the player in the small blind is eliminated then the button moves to the empty position and the person behind the button deals again, this is called a "dead button". The other players post blinds as usual. If the player in the big blind is eliminated, the person behind the button deals again, the small blind position is dead and only the big blind is posted.

New players are dealt in immediately unless they sit down in the small blind or button position. In these two cases, they must wait until the button passes. If a player is seated in the Big Blind position, the player must post the Big Blind and will be dealt in the hand.

When the tournament gets down to two players, the Player who was supposed to be the Big Blind will still be the Big Blind and the Small Blind will receive the button. The Small Blind or button will act first prior to the flop and second after the flop.

Blind Levels - All tournaments will be run using Tournament Director Software. In the event of a software malfunction the tournament will be run manually by a clock using the following Blind Structure:

0 - 15 Minutes - 25/50
15 - 30 Minutes - 50/100
30 - 45 Minutes - 100/200
45 - 60 Minutes - 200/400
60 - 70 Minutes - 10 Minute Break and Color Up of 25 and 100 value chips.
70 - 82 Minutes - 500/1000
82 - 94 Minutes - 1000/2000
94 - 106 Minutes - 2000/4000
106 - 116 Minutes - 5 Minute Break and Color Up of 500 and 1000 value chips.
116 - 126 Minutes - 5000/10000
126 - 136 Minutes - 10000/20000
136 - End - 20000/40000

Misdeal/Exposed Cards - If a card is exposed in the SB or BB when dealing the first round of cards then it is a misdeal and the cards are reshuffled, cut, and redealt.

If there are ever two or more cards are exposed due to dealer error then it is a misdeal and cards are reshuffled, cut and redealt.

If during any other scenario only one card is exposed or seen by someone at the table then the dealer continues to deal both rounds to all players. After all players have been dealt their two cards the dealer will replace the exposed card with the next card on top of the deck and the exposed card becomes the first burn card.

If the flop needs to be redealt because the cards were exposed prematurely then the dealer will reshuffle and cut the board cards and the burn card so a new burn and flop can be dealt.

If a card is exposed prematurely on the turn or river then the exposedcard plus the burn card gets reshuffled back into the deck and a new burn plus turn/river is dealt.

If the burn card is the exposed card then the burn card must be shown to everyone at the table, but the card remains the burn card.

No String Bets - When it is a players turn to act that player must verbally declare if they plan to Check, Call or Raise before moving chips forward. If a player does not make a verbal statement then a single chip bet (regardless of denomination) will be considered a call. If no verbal declarations are made and multiple chips are put into the pot it is considered a raise. If a player has not placed enough money into the pot to make a legal raise then they must make add chips to complete the minimum raise or they can forfeit the chips they have put into the pot thus far and fold their hand. When making a bet or raise you must make a verbal declaration of your intended bet. If you do not make a verbal declaration then you must place all your betting chips in the middle in one motion. You may not place chips and then go back to your stack to grab more chips.

Showdown - Both cards must be shown to claim the pot

Card Verification - Any player that was in the hand may request to see a hand that has been called.

Cards Talk - The Cards speak for themselves. A hand turned up will speak regardless of any incorrect verbal declarations announced by a player.

Protecting Hand - A player is responsible for protecting their cards at all times. All cards must remain on the table and remain visible at all times during play. If an unprotected hand is accidentally mucked by another player then the hand will be considered dead and that player will forfeit any chips they put into the pot.

Dead Hand - A hand is declared dead if the following actions occur: a player folds or announces fold, throws their hand away in a forward motion causing another player to act behind them, cards touch the muck pile (face down), or if cards touch another players hand (face up or down), in this situation both hands are dead. Once a hand is dead and/or in the muck pile it can not be retrieved or made live again.

Extra/odd Chip - In the case of a split pot that can not be divided equally the extra chip will be given to the first person to the left of the dealer that was in the hand and eligible for that pot.

Multiple Eliminations/Ties - If two (or more) players are eliminated on the same hand, the player who started the hand with the most chips will be awarded the higher finishing position. Should both eliminated players have started the hand with equal chips they would tie for the higher finishing.

One player per hand and Show One Show All Rule - You may not ask advice as to how to act during your action period. If you show your cards to a player at the table, you must show all players.


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