Last Call Poker League

Play in FREE Last Call Poker League tournaments in the Nashville, TN area for a chance to win nightly prizes and qualify for Quarterly tournaments for a chance for a trip to Horseshoe Indiana, cash prizes and other great prizes from our sponsor Bud Light!
"Last Call Poker League was started by Alan Rush, who has successfully administered more than 400 tournaments for me on and Poker Stars. I have trusted him with running my tournaments since 2004 and continue to rely on him today."


In August 2015 Alan trained new owner, Blake Burris, and Managing Partner, Schuyler Floyd, to take over the league and they continue to run the same great league and tournaments.


Grand Prize Vegas Trip - April 30th!

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Hello Last Call Poker League Players!

The annual grand prize tournament for the 1st place trip to Las Vegas to attend a WSOP Academy event and a 2nd place trip to the Horseshoe Southern Indiana Casino plus $500 in cash is coming up this April 30th at 1:00 PM at Cragnackers in Hermitage!

Budweiser will also be onsite giving away all kinds of awesome swag so you will not want to miss this event.

To remind everyone how this works ....

The grand prize tournament is a culmination of the entire years tournaments. If you have already qualified for one of the previous 3 quarters (August 2010 tournament, November 2010 tournament or February 2011 tournament) you are ALREADY IN this grand

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How would you like 2 FREE tickets to the Predators/Canucks game this upcoming Tuesday March 29th at Bridgestone Arena?

Well tonight is your chance! The player with the most points between both the 6:45 PM and 9:00 PM games tonight at About Time will win the tickets.

Good luck!


Chance To Win $100 Cash Monday Night

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We are excited to announce our first ever $100 for 100 promotion to be held this Monday March 21st at Cragnackers.

The concept is simple. If we have 100 players between both games this night we will give away $100 cash to the player who has the most points between both games.

So come on out Monday night and bring a friend, it's going to be fun!


You asked for it, you got it! We are giving away 2 more Nashville Predators tickets this Wednesday, March 9th at Time Out Sports Bar!

The player who has the most points between the 7:00 PM and 9:15 PM games will win 2 tickets to the March 10th Predators game.

Good luck and bring a friend!


Hello Hockey Fans!

Want to go to the Nashville Predators vs L.A. Kings hockey game on Tuesday March 15th for FREE?

Your chance for 2 free tickets is this Wednesday at our Time Out Sports Bar location in Brentwood's Nippers Corner.

The player who has the highest overall points between both the 7:00 PM and 9:15 PM games will win the tickets.

Good luck! Tell a friend! Cya there!


After finishing 3rd in last Saturday's $120 WSOP Circuit Event good for $2200, Daniel Gerald backed up that performance with another incredible showing in yesterday's $555 buy-in WSOP Ring event.

Daniel battled his way through 267 players to make another final table, finally finishing 6th place good for $6,100!

Congratulations Daniel!


On October 10th, 2009, Last Call Poker League hosted it's first ever Bar Poker League event. In fitting anniversary fashion, 16 months later to the day on February 10th, 2011 we have hit a wonderful milestone, 500 unique players to play in a Last Call Poker League event.

Thank you to all of our players for continuing to support our league as without you we are nothing!

We look forward to the day when we can announce our 1000th new player. Remember, as we continue to grow we vow to continue to offer better and better prizes!


Both the 7:00 PM and 9:15 PM games scheduled for tonight at Gary's Place in Spring Hill and the 6:45 PM and 9:00 PM games scheduled for tonight at About Time Sports Bar are still on.

It appears the roads are clearing up quite nicely and even drying in a lot of places to prevent refreezing.

See everyone tonight!


Both the 7:00 PM and 9:15 PM games tonight at Time Out Sports Bar have been canceled for tonight (2/9/2011) due to inclement weather. We apologize for any inconvenience. Stay safe out there!


Congratulations to Kevin Rogers for willing BACK TO BACK Last Call Poker League Quarterly tournaments which is unbelievably impressive!

Kevin won the first place prize money, a weekend trip to Horseshoe Southern Indiana Casino to play in a live tournament and also brought home some nice prizes sponsored by Budweiser.

Congratulations to Randell Harrod and David Beck for respectively taking down the 2nd and 3rd place money spots!
We have another Tunica casher! Two Saturdays ago Tom Sullivan took 3rd spot in the WSOP Circuit Event in Tunica for $3400 in the $120 buyin 7 pm Saturday tournament.

Well this past Saturday during the same $120 7 pm buy-in tournament,

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Hopefully everyone knows by now that our quarterly tournament is this Saturday February 5th at Cragnackers at 1:00 PM.

All of you sports fans probably also know that "The Big Football Game" is coming up this Sunday February 6th at 5:30 PM.

Last Call Poker wants to have a little fun this Sunday so we are making both of Sunday's games bounty tournaments.

Bounty tournaments play exactly the same way as our regular tournaments and all the regular points and prizes still apply as they always do.

The only difference in these bounty tournaments and our regular tournaments are you get $1 CASH for every player your bust out of the tournament! Bust 1 player get $1, but 10 play

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Hello Last Call Poker League players!

It is our pleasure to announce that Last Call Poker has partnered with the Horseshoe Southern Indiana Casino to add a fantastic prize for our quarterly tournament winners!

In addition to the $300 cash prize (which will be $500 cash prize moving forward after this quarter), the quarterly winner will receive a 2 night (Friday/Saturday) stay at the Horseshoe Southern Indiana casino and will also receive a buy-in to their $80+$10 Saturday tournament!

This prize will start for THIS quarter's February 5th tournament and will be an ongoing promotion!

Since the upcoming May quarterly tournament will be for the grand prize Las Vegas trip to the WSOP A

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Congratulations to Tom Sullivan

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Last Call Poker would like to extend a huge congratulations to one of our regular league players, Tom Sullivan, for finishing 3rd place in the $120 WSOP Circuit event this past weekend in Tunica!

Tom was able to chop a 3rd place finish out of 277 players to turn his $120 into a cool $3,400.00!

Congratulations Tom!


Here is the final list of who qualified for the $300 Quarterly Tournament at Cragnackers on February 5th at 1:00 PM.

If your name is on the list below we look forward to seeing you at the tournament. If you qualified at more than 1 location your highest location finish is listed below:

Name - Highest Finish - Location Qualified - Day Qualified
Adam Lawrence - 19 - Time Out - Wednesday
Alabama Don - 17 - Cragnackers - Saturday
Allow Hung - 13 - Time Out - Monday
Amy Johnson - 7 - About Time - Friday
Angela Kincaid - 5 - About Time - Friday
Angie Edwards - 14 - Cragnackers - Saturday
Arman Mitchem - 13 - Time Out - Wednesday
Barb Murphy - 1 - Cragnackers - Saturday

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Friday Qualifiers Announced

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Congratulations to our Friday Qualifiers for the $300 Quarterly Cash Tournament Coming Up on Saturday February 5th:

1st - Billy Young Jr
2nd - Tonya Sain
3rd - Kitten Otto
4th - David Raley
5th - Angela Kincaid
6th - Emory Kincaid
7th - Amy Johnson
8th - Kasey Stapler
9th - Jeff Teague
10th Jack Robertson


Thursday Qualifiers Announced

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Congratulations to our Monday Qualifiers for the $300 Quarterly Cash Tournament Coming Up on Saturday February 5th:

1st - Billy Young Jr
2nd - David Raley
3rd - Donatelli Arrington
4th - Ed Decker
5th - Billy Young III
6th - Barry Wiginton
7th - David Beck
8th - Randell Harrod
9th - Tonya Wiginton
10th - Kevin Rogers
11th - Jack Robertson
12th - Kim Klocek
13th - Em Briley
14th - Cassandra Rogers
15th - Jacob Bornick
16th - Cayonna Layhew
17th - Denny Rush
18th - Derek Engelhardt
19th - Jason Choate
20th - Bruce Gilpin


Congratulations to our Time Out Sports Bar Monday and Wednesday Qualifiers for the $300 Quarterly Cash Tournament Coming Up on Saturday February 5th:

1st - Denis Opito
2nd - Chris Smith
3rd - Oskar Berrios
4th - Kevin Rogers
5th - Derek Ligan
6th - Eric Wallace
7th - William Mora
8th - Carlos Berrios
9th - Barry Milam
10th - Chris Tornello
11th - Valerie Moore
12th - Latonya Mata
13th - Allow Hung
14th - Schuyler Floyd
15th - Robby Luttrell
16th - JR Alexander
17th - William Mize
18th - Lendon Storey
19th - Daniel Parker
20th Jose Mora

1st - Ken Wood
2nd - Denis Opito
3rd - Rick Johnson
4th - Latonya Mata
5th - Oskar

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Hello Last Call Poker Leaguers!

We are pleased to announce the addition of our latest venue, Gary's Place located in Spring Hill behind the old Krogers.

Beginning this upcoming Tuesday, February 1st we will begin hosting 4 games per week at Gary's Place; Every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00 PM and 9:15 PM!

We will be offering a $10 bar voucher to every game winner in addition to your Last Call Poker bracelet.

There will be a $100 MONTHLY cash drawing for Gary's Place players only. Every tournament you enter you will receive an entry ticket into drawing and we will draw up the lucky $100 winner on the last Thursday game of every month! You will have up to 16 chances per month to

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Tuesday Qualifiers Announced

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Congratulations to our Monday Qualifiers for the $300 Quarterly Cash Tournament Coming Up on Saturday February 5th:

1st - Randell Harrod
2nd - David Raley
3rd - Ken Self
4th - Ed Decker
5th - Billy YoungJr
6th - Ricky Smith
7th - Billy YoungIII
8th - Donatelli Arrington
9th - Jason Solis
10th - Bob Self
11th - Barry Wiginton
12th - Cayonna Layhew
13th - Cassandra Rogers
14th - Mark Dillard
15th - Jack Robertson
16th - Bobby Nicholson
17th - Randy Ross
18th - Jeff Faoro
19th - Kitten Otto
20th - Tonya Wiginton


Monday Qualifiers Announced

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Congratulations to our Monday Qualifiers for the $300 Quarterly Cash Tournament Coming Up on Saturday February 5th:

1 - Billy YoungJr
2 - David Beck
3 - Jason Solis
4 - Bruce Gilpin
5 - Chuck Kennedy
6 - Randy Ross
7 - Kim Klocek
8 - Eric Pride
9 - Barry Wiginton
10 - Billy Young III
11 - Patrick Groves
12 - BJ Yates
13 - Cayonna Layhew
14 - Donatelli Arrington
15 - Jeremy Owen
16 - Kevin Malloy
17 - Gary Wirth
18 - Jack Robertson
19 - Tom Sullivan
20 - Kitten Otto

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